Duxton Vineyards grapes are harvested and either sold as fruit or processed into wine at the recently acquired Duxton Winery Buronga.

The company has pivoted away from purely grape sales toward more lucrative revenue streams down the supply chain including bulk and bottled wine sales.

Consumers can gain direct access to DV's product through an online sales platform. These advancements have assisted the project to transition to a vertically integrated business.

Direct to Consumer Online Sales Platform

Duxton Vineyards co-owns Pure Wine Company, a wine distribution company with international distribution.

DV utilises Pure Wine Company’s sales representatives, national accounts and direct-to-consumer sales platform to sell our range of branded products directly to the public.  Those brands include Twill & Daisy, Pete’s Pure and Brave to be Murray.

For more information on purchasing products please click the link below to Pure Wine Company’s website.