Duxton Vineyards is a large scale, vertically integrated wine enterprise, located in the Mildura & Sunraysia region of New South Wales, Australia.

Duxton Vineyards (“DV”) was founded in 2015 giving investors the opportunity to invest in a large aggregation of Australian vineyards.

The business owns and operates over 2,400 hectares of vineyards in this area, as well as a large scale winery.

Production is sold to domestic and global large-scale wine businesses as bulk and bottled wine through a mix of long term and spot contracts, as well as bottled into the company’s own branded product.

The business is managed and operated by experienced industry staff while the Board brings many years of investment experience and exposure to Australian and global viticulture and agribusiness.

Duxton Capital (Australia) Pty Ltd (“Duxton Capital”), provides investment management and advisory services to facilitate effective execution of the Board’s investment and operational strategy.


The Duxton Vineyards portfolio is situated in the Southern Murray Darling Region (“SMD”), allowing the company an opportunity to produce a diverse range of grape varieties. This region is highly productive, producing approximately 66% of Australia’s agricultural production.

The SMD area is the second largest wine region in Australia whilst also producing many high value crops such as citrus, olives, nuts, stone fruit, cereal crops and livestock.

Although the distance between the eastern and western extremity of the region is in excess of 350 kilometres (217 miles), the climate throughout is virtually identical. It is hot and dry, with long sunshine hours and low humidity.

The soil is unique to the Murray River system and is known technically as calcareous earth, ranging from brown to red-brown loamy sand, sandy loam or loam. Overall, the soil supports vigorous growth and high grape yields.

Duxton Vineyards has several vineyard and winery assets diversified across the region.